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Yeast Cream and Vaginal Ring

Updated: Jun 17, 2022


When my doctor gave me the vaginal ring for birth control, she said something about not using yeast cream. I think I have a yeast infection. Is it okay to buy a yeast cream?


Dear Anne:

You remembered correctly! There are two types of vaginal rings available in the U.S. that have a combination of hormones – the Nuvaring (or EluRyng) and the newer product called Annovera. It is safe to use water based vaginal lubricants, spermicides, and yeast medicines with these rings, but you should not use oil-based products – including silicone-based lubricants. Use of the water-based miconazole cream is okay but you should not use an oil-based miconazole suppository.

– Dr. Z

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