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Mirena IUD and Menopause


I'm 52 and am, according to my GP currently in menopause, following some blood tests. I have the Mirena in place, the current one is in since December 2019. My last Mirena was removed due to it moving into the lining of the womb. I am experiencing a brown discharge for the past 2 days with cramping and I have pains in my legs. Should I be concerned? Thank you.


In responce to your situation, it is important to know if you are indeed in menopause. In addition to blood tests, menopause is diagnosed when you have experienced a full year with no periods. That may be hard to know with a Mirena in place since bleeding is often absent with Mirena. The perimenopause time of life can last many years and irregular bleeding occurs.

Sometimes a Mirena is left in place after menopause as part of the therapy for hormone replacement with estrogen. Knowing if you are on estrogen is important to your evaluation of bleeding. In general brown discharge would be considered bleeding.

Since you were told you are in menopause then any vaginal bleeding requires an evaluation from your healthcare provider specializing in gynecological care. Please see the disclaimer below in that I cannot advise your personal situation beyond saying that "post-menopausal" bleeding should be evauated. Leg pain is a broad, nonspecific symptom that would be hard to comment on.

Wishing you good health,

– Dr. Z

See disclaimer below

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