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Abnormal gush of blood with an IUD in place

Question: Hi I’ve had a coil fitted for nearly 6 years and I’ve just lost a large amount of jelly like brown discharge. Is this normal

Answer: The term coil is used outside the US to refer to a copper IUD, so I will answer the question assuming this is what you are asking about.

A large amount of jelly like brown discharge sounds like a blood clot. If so, the short answer to your question is that a gush of blood like this is not expected after long term use of an IUD, and no prior history of abnormal bleeding. This warrants a visit to your healthcare provider for evaluation.

I will also assume that the IUD you are referring to is still within its indicated time for use. In the US, we only have the Cu-T380A IUD which is marketed for ten years of use. Other countries have copper IUDs that are indicated for different time periods.

There is much I do not know about your GYN history (including your age) from your question, and the bleeding may or may not be related to having an IUD. For example, the IUD may spontaneously move within the uterus which could cause bleeding or pain. Assuming you usually have regular periods, and this is a gush of abnormal bleeding, the most important conditions to rule out ASAP are pregnancy and infection. Other serious conditions such as abnormal tissue (precancerous changes or cancer) may cause bleeding too.

Even though the IUD is very effective, it can fail, and when it does there is an increased chance that the pregnancy may be ectopic – typically occurring in a fallopian tube. These pregnancies may present with abnormal bleeding and / or abdominal pain. Also, a miscarriage may present with a gush of blood. So, a pregnancy test would let you know if a pregnancy has occurred and if so, prompt an evaluation of where the pregnancy is located, and then appropriate management.

An infection in your uterus or elsewhere in your genitourinary system can also present with abnormal bleeding. This may or may not present with other symptoms such as odor, tenderness, or fever.

Several other conditions may cause abnormal bleeding. It may come from the vagina in response to an injury such as from rough sex or a bicycle accident. If there is odor, the condition you describe could even be related to an old tampon that was not removed. It may come from a lesion on your cervix such as a polyp. It may come from the uterus and be due to bleeding disorders, polyps or fibroids, It may be due to hormonal issues such as abnormal thyroid levels.

As you can see there is a long list of possibilities. The most important thing is to see your provider and get checked out.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to guide individual therapy. Answers should never substitute for consultation with a healthcare provider or counselor who can make decisions based on an individual’s history, desires, and circumstances. Always seek the advice of a clinician for any questions regarding health, medical condition, birth control method or other family planning or social issues. Under no circumstances should an individual use this information in lieu of, or to override, the judgment of a treating clinician. Dr. Zieman, or SageMed LLC, is not responsible, or liable, for errors, omissions, or any damage or loss incurred as a result of use of any birth control method or use or reliance on any material or information provided through this website.

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