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Tap Dancing on Everest

A Young Doctor's Unlikely Adventure

Mimi Zieman, a 25-year-old medical student, battles self-doubt to travel from the sidewalks of NYC to the slopes of the highest mountain to become the doctor—and only woman—on a daring Everest climb in Tibet. When three climbers disappear during their summit attempt, Zieman reaches the knife edge of her limits, digging deeply to fight for the climbers lives and to find her voice. 


Weaving adventure and medicine in a powerful narrative of self-discovery, Tap Dancing on Everest captures the curiosity and awe of a young woman as she faces down childhood messages to stay small and safe and ventures into the unknown.

“Tap Dancing on Everest” is gorgeous. It is so full of joy, zest and fun and yet with some profound thoughts. Once started you cannot put it down."

- Sir Chris Bonington
Author of Everest the Hard Way, knighted for his services to mountaineering

"a riveting memoir...the overall quality of the writing is exceptional."​

 - named a "MUST-READ" Book, 2024 by Independent Book Review

Winner, Best memoir Spring 2024, Pencraft Awards for Literary excellence

Winner, Best Non-Fiction Book Spring 2024, Outstanding Creator Awards

Finalist, Best Memoir, 2024 International Book Awards




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i write about medical topics to empower you with information
i write creatively to explore the meaning behind experiences we share

about mimi.


Mimi Zieman has treated frozen limbs on the highest mountain, delivered triplets near the deepest ocean trench, tap danced through Broadway studios, and has been a suburban mom of three – all experiences that have prepared her for new challenges. Her latest is writing a memoir, Tap Dancing on Everest, about the risks we take to become our truest selves.


Mimi applied the risk-taking she learned on Everest to create a varied career in OB/GYN, moving between work in academia, nonprofits, industry, the arts, and as an entrepreneur. She continues to see patients while focusing her efforts on advocacy and creative writing which has appeared in Newsweek Salon, The Sun Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The Forward, NBC News THINK, and other publications. She is also the author of a medical text, Managing Contraception, and a play, The Post-Roe Monologues.

Far from her New York City roots, home base is Atlanta, with no high mountain or deep ocean in sight, where she doesn’t eat grits, biscuits, or collards, and must navigate ten lane highways. But she’s grown to love Southern hospitality, her community of friends, and the canopy of trees which keeps her grounded.

The Post-Roe Monologues

Diverse people affected by the new world order post-Roe, tell their stories in poignant monologues highlighted by humor.

The Post-Roe Monologues by Mimi Zieman presents a diverse cast of characters—inspired by true stories, interviews, and research—who deliver poignant monologues, and who interact in surprising ways. Those interactions underlie the theme of “we are all connected,” because although people may think that the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling doesn’t affect them – it does. These stories are intimate. These stories increase understanding, compassion, and motivate action.


The November show at Merkin Hall in NYC featured 15 Broadway performers.

Essays Anchor

personal essays

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medical books

MC 16th edition - Copy.jpg

Managing Contraception


A Personal Guide to
Managing Contraception


A quick and easy way to learn the advantages and disadvantages of all birth control methods

authored chapters 


Operative Gynecology


Contraception for Adolescent and Young Adult Women

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