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Book Club Questions

In the book, Mimi describes an unsettling childhood. What influences did Mimi’s parents and family life have on her decisions? 


Do you believe your family dynamics and early life greatly impacted who you are today? In what ways?


What do you think motivated her to trek alone in Nepal?

Mimi quotes her mother's best friend, saying "what you are at seven, you are at seventy." Do you believe we mostly stay the same or mostly change over the course of our lives?

What was the most adventurous experience you have had? What was its impact on your life, if any?

Mimi thrived in the mountains and sought solitude there. What is your happy place? Did you relate to her feelings, and her drive to return to the mountains despite the risk of an Everest expedition?

Did Mimi's travels and adventures make you feel empowered to travel more or do you prefer to stay close to home? Do you think staying in our safe zones limits our growth?

Did reading this story make you rethink any of your life choices about taking risks? Did it inspire you to move forward with taking a risk you've been afraid of?

What did the parts of the book that touched on religion and spirituality make you think about?


How can one stay motivated when facing the conditions and challenges Mimi and her team faced? What do you see yourself doing in that situation?


Discuss the dangers Mimi and the team faced. As the only woman for most of the time, did she face additional risks? 


Mimi was harassed by men at various points in her life including by locals on the way to Base Camp. How challenging is it for women to be in a male-dominated role and be accepted?


How did Mimi’s childhood years influence her ability to survive and thrive on the journey up Mount Everest?

Did the book leave you with any takeaways?

Do you agree with Mimi's belief that sometimes you should say yes to opportunities that scare you and that you grow from them?

Mimi lists the random circumstances that brought her to the Everest team but says they feel like a symphony of the universe. Do you believe in randomness, coincidence, fate, or destiny? A combination?

Team Photo in front of cook shelter Advanced Base Camp, Front, Paul, Stephen, Ed , Joe. Ba

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